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Quarternorth Energy Layoffs: What We Have Know So Far?

In recent years, the energy industry has seen big changes that have affected how many companies operate. Quarternorth Energy is one of these companies that has faced major shifts, including recent layoffs.

This blog post explores the details of the Quarternorth Energy layoffs, why they happened, and what these changes mean for the oil and gas business.

Quarternorth Energy Overview

Quarternorth Energy was a reputable player in the energy sector, primarily focusing on the exploration and production of oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

The company’s operations were notable for their efficiency and effectiveness, contributing substantially to the energy supply in the region. However, in a surprising turn of events, Quarternorth Energy was purchased by Talos Energy Inc. for a staggering $1.29 billion.

Following this acquisition, Quarternorth Energy decided to shut down its Lafayette office, leading to the dismissal of 135 employees on November 30, 2022. This move was part of a broader strategy to adjust to the changing market dynamics.

Despite the layoffs, Talos Energy Inc. aims to leverage Quarternorth’s assets to bolster its presence in the Gulf of Mexico’s energy sector, highlighting the adaptive nature of companies in the industry.

Quarternorth Energy Layoffs Details

The layoffs at Quarternorth Energy were not a sporadic decision, but rather a calculated move to accommodate new business strategies. The company terminated its contract operator role for GOM Shelf LLC, a firm that manages oil and gas facilities for other companies. Additionally, Quarternorth ceased its services at certain offshore locations, although the specifics of these locations remain undisclosed.

Simultaneously, a federal investigation was launched into a potential oil spill at Quarternorth Energy facilities. Although it remains unconfirmed whether this investigation directly influenced the layoffs, it’s a crucial piece of the puzzle in understanding the company’s recent decisions.

Why Layoffs Happened At Quarternorth Energy?

The layoffs at Quarternorth Energy can be attributed to a combination of factors. The most prominent reason is the shift in business operations, particularly the halt in services at certain offshore locations and ending the contract operator role for GOM Shelf LLC. These significant changes inevitably led to a surplus of manpower, resulting in the unfortunate layoffs.

Simultaneously, the federal investigation into a potential oil spill may have indirectly influenced the layoffs. The uncertainty brought about by such an investigation can lead to financial instability and reputational risk, possibly prompting a company to take preemptive measures, such as downsizing.

Effects Of Layoffs On Quarternorth Employees

The Quarternorth Energy layoffs did not just result in the loss of jobs; they triggered a domino effect of financial problems, stress, and uncertainty for the affected employees and their families. The sudden job loss meant immediate unemployment, which brought significant financial strain on these families.

Emotionally, the layoffs were even more devastating. The uncertainty of job security and the anxiety of what lay ahead were overwhelming. This emotional turmoil was further amplified when the employees had to contemplate relocating or changing careers entirely due to the specialized nature of their skills in the oil and gas industry.

The layoffs’ ripple effect extended to the local community as the reduced spending power of the unemployed workers led to decreased local spending, thereby exerting more pressure on social services. Inside Quarternorth, morale plummeted among the remaining employees. Fear of further layoffs and distrust in the company’s leadership began to loom large.

Quarternorth Energy’s Financial Health

In the midst of the layoffs, Quarternorth Energy was acquired by Talos Energy for $1.29 billion, paid primarily in cash and stock. This acquisition is predicted to boost Talos’s daily oil and gas production by approximately 30,000 barrels by 2024.

Despite the layoffs, Quarternorth Energy’s financial health remains robust. The company owns proven reserves of about 69 million barrels of oil and gas, valued at a whopping $1.7 billion. These reserves are predominantly in fields that Quarternorth operates and consist mainly of oil, accounting for around 75% of their production.

This acquisition, according to Timothy S. Duncan, CEO of Talos Energy, is anticipated to save Talos approximately $50 million annually by the end of 2024 and strengthen the company’s financial position, with a strategic focus on lowering debt.

Company’s Response On Layoffs

Following the acquisition of Quarternorth Energy, Talos Energy launched comprehensive measures to fortify its team and operations. Sergio Maiworm, the new CFO since July 2023, was promoted to Executive Vice President.

In a bid to leverage the expertise of former Quarternorth employees, Jim Brysch and Truitt Smith were appointed as vice presidents of marketing and geosciences, respectively. Simultaneously, Francisco Noyola was elevated to the role of Vice President for Mexico.

However, as part of these transitions, John Parker, a significant contributor at Talos, stepped down from his role. These strategic changes signal Talos Energy’s determination to overcome challenges and solidify its position as a leading offshore drilling company.


Quarternorth Energy’s journey, from being acquired by Talos Energy to the layoffs that followed, shows how the energy industry can change quickly.

The layoffs were tough but necessary as Quarternorth adjusted to new business needs and market conditions. Talos Energy’s purchase of Quarternorth not only expands its operations in the Gulf of Mexico but also shows its commitment to growing through acquisitions.

Despite the challenges for employees and the local community, Talos Energy is taking steps to reorganize its leadership and integrate operations, aiming to stay strong in the offshore drilling business. Now, everyone is watching to see how these moves will shape Talos Energy’s future.

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